Business Gifts- Is it gifting or is it merchandise

Gifting is one of humanity's oldest customs and plays a vital role in our relationships. In our personal lives, we know that offering gifts at certain life moments can make a world of difference by cheering someone up or making them feel appreciated. Gifts are a way of communicating that you are committed to the relationship. Not to mention that it feels great!

Gifting in business can have the same effect. But what has changed in the corporate gifting world and what impact does gifting make? If you have any doubt about whether it's important to give gifts, Ian Altman about Leadership Strategy in Forbes says “Let me clear up any doubt: you should. It's always a good idea to show clients your gratitude.” 

Many companies order merchandise with a company logo branded on it to give to clients. You may have received some items like this in the past, for example key rings, notebooks, mugs or stubby holders. If your company brands products, that's fine and it certainly has its place. However, don't confuse branded products as gifts. Products with your company logo are called ‘merchandise' and are promoting your brand. 

“Don't delude yourself into thinking that's a gift for the recipient'” says John Ruhlim, Author of a great book on executive appreciation, Giftology.

These products don't necessarily have your client's best interests in mind- they have your company in mind. Many recipients appreciate the gesture but put another way by Joey Coleman, a leading speaker says “If you are giving a meaningless gift, then you better have your log on it. That way whoever pulls it from the garbage will know who it was from.” 

In contrast, choosing meaningful gifts with provenance has a huge effect and works beautifully for our clients. Think about how it feels to receive a handcrafted share platter with a beautiful story associated about where the product was made, More than likely, it will have been made by hand in an artisan's workshop using recycled timber sourced in Australia. And compare this with a mass produced board with a company logo on it. Which would have the most impact?

There's a new era of gifting in the corporate world - it's time to take a tailored approach. This trend isn't just in Australia, it's a wave that is sweeping over the world. Think about the gifts you have been given throughout your career and the impact they have made on you personally. At Country Culture, we work closely with our clients to advise you about the best gifts for the recipient. You help us make it personal because you know your clients best. Our team of expert gift givers are there to assist you in choosing the right gift and make sure the gift gets there looking great, on time. And it can work for you too.

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