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CASHMERISM cashmere knitwear range is designed and influenced by the kaleidoscope like culture in Melbourne Australia, offering a bold and timeless style aesthetic, Cashmerism is a delicate statement of everyday luxury. Dedicated to the traditional, oriental cultivation of raw cashmere and a belief in the upmost quality of design, the Cashmerism cashmere range harnesses warmth, comfort and everything beautiful.

Where the rare pleasure was once only afforded by the most aristocratic of society, Cashmerism produces an attainable edit of distinct and joyful pieces designed for modern individuality. Sourcing only the finest of cashmere from the exquisite inner highlands of Mongolia, Cashmerism is guided by the nomadic traditions of the Mongolian people. Always ethically produced, cashmere goats live a carefree and happy life away from all the disturbances of the urban world, ensuring only the best cashmere is harvested. As the most scarce and precious natural fibre in the world, the Cashmerism collection matches the fibre rarity in aesthetic. It is exclusive, meticulous, individual and above all personalized.