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Paloma Le Sage Hand Printed

Dotti Mathers, the brains behind Paloma Le Sage, is a talented artist/entrepreneur grew up in the Big Smoke. She always however had a strong appreciation for the country and at the first possible opportunity, packed up and headed to Wagga Wagga to University in southern NSW to study fine arts.  Dotti became an art teacher, married the man of her dreams and moved to the South Coast where she remains today with her 2 very cute wire fox terriers Mr Toby and Miss Dolly (who happen to be the inspiration behind many of her pooch-themed collections).

From her studio Dotti looks across eternally lush, green fields dotted with glorious Flame Trees with a backdrop of the picturesque Mount Kembla…just a snippet of what country Australia has to offer!

Dotti specialises in designing and making a range of dog tea towels and cushions made from 100% pure linen. Some of her favourites are labrador, scottish terrier, whippet, cattle dog, greyhound, dachshund, poodle and spaniel dogs.  She also makes printed animal linen tea towels such as and alpaca designs. She screen prints these quality tea towels using environmentally friendly water based inks.