Since COVID19, the workplace environment has changed with many people working from home. We haven't had the normal face-to-face interaction with our clients and we're slowly all coming back to the office and reconnecting.

Therefore, strategic gifting is a great way to bring a fresh approach to your marketing toolbox. Let's face it professionals will always depend on the human aspect of successfully working together. And a meaning filled business gift can have a profound influence on the recipient.

Put simply, gifts strengthen connections and help build relationships, especially having something in your hands, which makes the connection tangible. So, gifts help you be there when you can't be physically there.

 The most impact a gift can make is often when the recipient least expects it. Sending gifts can also help you :

  • reconnect with decision maker with a memorable gift
  • improve business relationships
  • give a competitive edge with a potential client
  • get your foot in the door in a timely manner
  • build loyalty which creates a return on investment

 Don't forget a few key elements to making sure your gift makes the right impact with the recipient.

1. Make it personal – you know the recipient so trust your instinct. Country Culture are happy to give you some expert tips if you need direction.

2. Marry modern function with creativity & a beautiful aesthetic. We love products that are useful and look sensational.

3. Choose quality over quantity. Good things can come in small packages.

4. Give a meaningful gift that has value attributes.

Basically, gifting humanises a business and it pays for itself two fold!

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