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Celebrate World Cocktail Day 2024 With Our New Cocktail Kits

Celebrate World Cocktail Day 2024 With Our New Cocktail Kits

May 06, 2024 | News

Just in case it slipped your mind, World Cocktail Day is on the horizon! It falls on May 13th, 2024 - yes, it's a Monday, and we feel your disappointment. But who can stop us from kicking off the celebrations the weekend before, right? That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our 3 brand-new gift hampers that we believe you're going to absolutely adore!

1. The Refreshing Spritz Kit

Photo of our spritz cocktail kit inside an ecofriendly gift box, and a country backdrop.

Introducing our Refreshing Spritz Gift Hamper - the perfect way to celebrate World Cocktail Day. This carefully curated hamper is packed full of high-quality products to craft your own delightful spritz.

The centrepiece is the Josephine's Spritz by Weekend Liquor. Inspired by a leisurely Sunday lunch, this bottled cocktail combines Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin and Aperol steeped in orange peels, sweetened and diluted, and then paired with Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin and rhubarb bitters.

To complement the cocktail, we've included a King Valley Prosato Piccolo by Sam Miranda of King Valley. This crisp and refreshing Prosato piccolo offers hints of green apple and a sherbet-like acidity.

Also included are Dried SA Regional Oranges by Port Willunga Fine Foods. These meticulously prepared dried oranges bring a burst of vibrant and zesty flavours, embodying the sun-drenched orchards and fertile soils of the Riverland.

To elevate your cocktail, we've added Native Citrus Cocktail Salt by Olsson's. This blend features crisp Australian Sea Salt Flakes, pink plum powder, and tangy lemon myrtle, perfect for adding a unique touch to your spritz.

Last, but not least, the hamper includes Roasted Cashews by Ogilvie & Co. These addictive, salty cashews make the perfect pre-dinner snack or accompaniment to your afternoon drinks.

Celebrate World Cocktail Day in style with our Refreshing Spritz Gift Hamper!

2. The Classic G&T Kit

Photo of our gin and tonic cocktail kit inside an eco friendly gift box. Featuring Highlands Gin from Glen Gowrie Distillery, Dried Oranges, Salted Pretzels and Kalamata Olives.

Indulge in a top-shelf at-home bar experience with our Classic G&T Kit, perfect for gin enthusiasts. This thoughtfully curated set features a bottle of the invigorating Highlands Gin from Glen Gowrie Distillery, a renowned New England Highland distillery in NSW. This smooth gin is chock-a-block with classic botanicals and earthy tones, making it the ideal match with any top-tier tonic.

To take your gin and tonic experience up a notch, we've included Dried South Australian Regional Oranges from Port Willunga Fine Foods. These sun-dried citrus slices add a vibrant and zesty twist to your G&T, capturing the character of Riverland's sun-soaked orchards.

But our G&T kit offers more than just a top-notch drink. We've also thrown in Salt & Vinegar Almonds from Taronga Almonds and Salted Pretzels from Gourmet Merchant for the ultimate snack pairing. Our almonds, sustainably grown on the unspoiled Fleurieu Peninsula coast, offer a guilt-free snack with a flavour punch. The salted pretzels are a savoury delight, perfect to nibble on as you relish your perfect gin and tonic.

Don't wait, turn any evening into a special do with our Classic G&T Kit, the ultimate choice for gin enthusiasts.

3. The Energising Coffee Cocktail Kit

coffee cocktail kit inside our sustainable gift box

Last but not least, we're thrilled to introduce our Coffee Cocktail Kit, a gift hamper brimming with Australian specialities, is the perfect treat for your loved ones who appreciate coffee, unique flavours and new experiences.

Imagine your special someone relaxing at the end of a long day with a Coffee House Bottled Cocktail from Melbourne's Everleigh Bottling Co. This is no ordinary cocktail. It's a flavourful journey that fuses coffee liqueur and blue agave Tequila into a spicy, unforgettable twist on a classic. Just picture them sipping it, the rich taste taking them on a virtual tour of Melbourne's vibrant cocktail scene.

As they delve deeper into the hamper, they'll discover the tangy delight of Port Willunga Fine Foods' Dried SA Regional Oranges. Each bite is a burst of sunshine, a taste of South Australia's Riverland, bringing the warmth of an Australian summer right into their living room.

They'll also find a Bubbled Glass Tumbler from Indigo Love Collectors. This isn't just a drinking vessel - it's a piece of art. Each time they use it, they'll think of the artisan who crafted it, and the care that went into its creation.

And let's not forget about the Roasted Cashews from Ogilvie & Co. These aren't just snacks, they're conversation starters. Perfect for sharing during a casual get-together or adding a gourmet touch to a pre-dinner spread.

This gift is perfect for coffee lovers, and for those who appreciate the stories behind the products they consume. It's more than a gift - it's a taste adventure across Australia, all wrapped up in a single package.

Discover our entire range of cocktail kits and continue embarking on these flavourful journeys. We believe that each sip tells a story, and we're excited for you to explore these narratives. As you delight in these treats and share them with loved ones, we remind you to enjoy responsibly. Cheers!


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