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Sharon Winsor, founder of Indigiearth: a true pioneer in the bush food industry.

Sharon Winsor, founder of Indigiearth: a true pioneer in the bush food industry.

July 10, 2024 | Maker Stories

Sharon Winsor, founder of Indigiearth, is one of the most inspirational women I have met. A few years ago, I drove over to Mudgee from my home in Spring Ridge to meet Sharon at her business premises. She showed me her inspirational gourmet food range, called Indigiearth.

I feel like Sharon has always been ahead of her time, a trailblazer. For twenty years, she has been working in the bush food industry, and I want to share her story.

Sharon has always had a passion for native ingredients from Aboriginal communities. Her love of the land has stemmed from her childhood and helps connect her to her Aboriginal heritage. Ever since Sharon was young, she spent a lot of time in nature, collecting bush fruits and catching yabbies. As she grew older, her knowledge reached its potential with the launch of her range of premium bush foods.

Sharon produces chutneys, teas, coffee, jams, biscuits, and chocolates. We, at Country Culture, have proudly included these products in our gift hampers. For example, our Flavours of Australia and Indigenous Flavours hampers feature some of her exquisite creations.

Sharon explains that native ingredients have incredible storylines and connections to language, spirituality, and Mother Earth. Take the wattle seed, for example; in its traditional form, it can last on the ground for 20 years and still be edible – a testament to its resilience and significance in Aboriginal culture.

Sharon is proud to have put her expertise towards creating a range of products for the local and international market. Sharon has also created Warakirri Dining Experience in Mudgee, giving people the opportunity to learn stories through food. Bush food knowledge has been passed down to generations for over 60,000 years, and she feels a responsibility to continue to pass that knowledge down to generations to come. Sharon doesn’t underestimate the value of native products being such an important part of our culture and connection.

In addition to her work with Indigiearth, Sharon has taken on a deeply personal mission. In 1997, she gave birth to her first child, a son named Ngukirri, who was stillborn due to a hole in his heart. This tragedy led Sharon into a lifelong journey of healing and inspired her to establish a foundation in Ngukirri's memory. The foundation aims to support Aboriginal women and families who have experienced the stillbirth of a child.

Sharon's foundation addresses a critical need, as Aboriginal women are 50% more likely than non-Aboriginal women to have stillborn children. Through this initiative, she continues her commitment to giving back to the community and supporting women during such difficult times.

Sharon's childhood connection to the land has blossomed into a thriving business that honours both the land and its people. Her products, from chutneys to chocolates, are more than just food items; they carry stories of history, culture, and connection.

Her work reminds us of the power of preserving heritage and the unique ability of food to unite us. Supporting Indigiearth and including its products in our gift hampers has been a privilege.

Thank you for joining me in exploring Sharon’s world. I hope her story inspires you as much as it has inspired me.

If you want to learn more about Indigiearth, head over to To learn more about The Ngukirri Foundation and how you can support their mission, visit If you wish to make a donation to the Ngukirri Foundation, the website provides information on how you can contribute to this important cause.

Written by Angela Lavender: By Angela Lavender

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