8 Important things you must know before you order a corporate gift

8 Important things you must know before you order a corporate gift

Corporate gifting is a growing industry and we feel we have some great advice to share. Here are eight things we believe everyone should know about corporate gifting before they start their gifting journey!

  1. Corporate gifts can have either a positive or negative affect on business partners. However — gifts with meaning and provenance leave a profound, long lasting impression.
  2. The gift you choose says a great deal about your brand. Make sure what you give aligns closely with your unique brand values.
  3. Think quality over quantity. Choose the best quality product of its kind so it lasts.
  4. Gifts with a story are greatly appreciated- perhaps the gift's provenance; the designer or maker; the level of social responsibility; sustainability; or that it's provided by a minority group. Whatever story you choose to tell, your gift has a greater chance of being cherished and talked about.
  5. Presentation really does matter. The unboxing experience adds to the excitement and anticipation of receiving a gift. Pay great attention to detail and make sure the packaging looks as good as the gift itself.
  6. A personal touch on the card makes a huge impact. This is one of the easiest things to do and will make a big difference.
  7. Business gifting is influenced by social movements and social responsibility. Think of #australianmade #buyregional #sustainablegifting #handmade — if there's a cause that fits with your business values, use it.
  8. Many people associate gifts with a high level of indulgence they normally don't treat themselves to — don't leave expectations high and dry!

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