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8 Essential Factors to Consider When Ordering Corporate Gifts: A Comprehensive Guide

8 Essential Factors to Consider When Ordering Corporate Gifts: A Comprehensive Guide

February 15, 2024 | Corporate Gifting

With over a decade of expertise in the corporate gifting sector, we're excited to share our comprehensive guide filled with valuable insights and tips. These are some fundamental elements we believe everyone should understand about corporate gifting before embarking on their gifting journey!

Corporate gifts can significantly influence your relationship with business partners. They have the power to leave a positive or negative impact. However, gifts that are thoughtful, meaningful, and have a story behind them can create a profound, lasting impression that goes beyond the gift itself.

1. The gift you select is a reflection of your brand: 

It's essential to ensure that the gift aligns with your brand values and communicates the message you want to send. A well-chosen gift can strengthen your brand identity and enhance your corporate image.

2. Quality should always be prioritised over quantity:

Opt for the highest quality product within your budget. A well-made, durable gift not only lasts longer but also conveys your appreciation for the recipient and your commitment to quality.

3. Gifts with a story often resonate more with the recipients:

Whether it's the gift's origin, the designer or maker's journey, its sustainability credentials, its contribution to social responsibility, or its support for a minority group, these narratives add depth to your gift. A gift with a compelling story is likely to be cherished and remembered.

4. Presentation is critical:

The unboxing experience elevates the joy and anticipation of receiving a gift. Pay meticulous attention to the packaging details, ensuring it looks as impressive as the gift inside.

Including a personal touch, such as a handwritten note, can significantly enhance the impact of your gift. This simple act of personalisation can leave a lasting impression and shows the recipient that you've put thought and effort into the gift.

5. Lean towards social responsibility:

Consider gifts that support local artisans, emphasise sustainability, or are handmade. If there's a cause that aligns with your business values, incorporate it into your gifting strategy.

Many recipients associate gifts with a level of indulgence they wouldn't typically afford themselves. Ensure your gifts live up to this expectation and provide a sense of luxury and indulgence.

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