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Australian Made Gifts For Events such as the Restaurant Australia Launch

We have been looking back at some of our work and are proud to share some of the great gifting outcomes. One of our favourite all-time gifts was a collaboration with local artisans and the Restaurant Australia marketing team.

Tourism Australia approached us to help them choose a quality, Australian made foodie gift to correlate with their Restaurant Australia marketing campaign. The product needed to be unisex, customised and have a story showcasing the provenance. The gifts were to be presented to both Australian and international delegates in the quantity of 1000.

Our idea was a share platter that could be used daily by the recipient. It would be shared with friends, family and work colleagues and always have a gentle reminder that Tourism Australia generously gifted it to them.

When we decide upon the right gift, there are so many levels of logistics to manage. Firstly- which artisan do we turn to? Many different wood workers already have a large load on their plate and only certain ones are able to take a job on like this. Then there is the important issue of quality control and having the trust in your partners to pull off the job on time.

For this particular job, we worked with one of our talented, local artisans Robert Taylor to produce one thousand hardwood timber breadboards. The logo was placed on each board with a branding iron. We also created story cards explaining the wood was sourced from an old bridge in Young, NSW. We wanted the delegates to be reminded of Tourism Australia's thoughtfulness each time they used their gift and truly understand the provenance of this uniquely Australian gift.

If you have an event where you need large quantities of quality gifts, hand it over to our team at Country Culture to see the whole process through. Email us on [email protected]



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