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Collaborating With Australia's Best Designers

Pippa is a Textile Designer from Melbourne who we often collaborate with. Pippa works with our designers to come up with bespoke gifting solutions for our clients. Pippa started her business from her own love for scarves! Her products include digitally printed silk scarves and cushions bursting with colour and quirkiness. We had a little chat with Pippa recently to find out exactly how she got started and what makes her business tick...

Tell us about your background and how it lead you to where you are now.

I studied Textile Design at RMIT, specialising in screen printing. After university I then moved overseas and did an internship at London Printworks Trust. After living in both London and Zurich for over 2 years, I came home and started working as a Textile Designer for a company in Melbourne. After nearly 3 years of gaining experience in the industry, I decided to go off on my own and start my own business.

How did you come up with the concept for the business?

I have always loved scarves, especially bright and colourful ones! I have quite the collection. It was only natural to start by designing scarves. All the other products I design progressed naturally from there.

Where do you live? Favourite local haunts?

I still live in Melbourne. I love it, especially an early morning walk along the beach. My favourite local haunts are Little Rose café just off Bay St, Chez Dre in South Melbourne, and of course my favourite restaurant, Misuzu's in Albert Park. Amazing!

Where and when do you most like to work?

Weirdly enough, I'm a morning person. Once the sun starts to go down I feel like I'm punishing myself if I keep working, not to mention the fact that my productivity levels drop magnificently. As for where, wherever I can find a space. I live and work in a, um, ‘cosy' apartment. So I work wherever it's physically possible to do so.

Describe your workspace.

A mess. But I try to do a weekly clean up. I have a very patient and understanding boyfriend who, for some reason, still wants to live with me.

How did you come up with the name of your business?

When I was born, I was quite small. So before my parents had a name for me, they just called me Pipsqueak. That led to me being given the name Pip. So Squeak seemed to work quite nicely.

Behind the scenes - who is in your team?

Just me! Gosh, I daydream about having staff some times. In saying that, I have some amazing friends and family. They all do what they can when I need help. There's no way I could have done all of this if I was completely alone.

Does where you live influence your creativity? What do you love about Australia?

Melbourne is one of the best cities in the world when it comes to design. I really do believe that. But I have to say, a lot of my inspiration has come from travelling and seeing/photographing as much as I can.

Have you studied your craft? 

Yes, a Bachelor Degree in Textile Design at RMIT. 

How would your customer feel wearing one of your products?

I hope they would feel uplifted, confident and, of course, happy. I don't want my designs to take themselves too seriously. They quite often have a lot of colour in them, and I hope that brings out positive feelings for my customers.

Where have some of your pieces ended up?

All over the place. I've sent some to Japan, Ireland, America, England, Switzerland and France. I'm still quite local though, with the majority of my customers from Australia, Melbourne and Sydney especially.

What do you do to relax?

Who doesn't love a 1 hour, deep tissue, massage. It's my little treat now and then, especially when I've met a big deadline.

Favourite Australian place?

My mum and dad have a place in the country, just outside of Melbourne. I love visiting them there. It's ridiculously stunning and the company is always good.

Do you have family?

Yes, I'm the youngest of three, with an older brother and sister. They all help me and influence me in some way. My mum has amazing taste, and I am always asking for her opinion on a design. My brother similarly, he also has a great eye and so I rarely sign off a design without both of them seeing it first. My sister is the numbers one in the family, which is good, cause I'm pretty terrible in that department. So her Accounting advice is always needed. And dad, well dad is the one that gives the annoying advice that you know you should follow but it always seems too hard at the time.

Finish this sentence: I can't start my day until… I restart my alarm clock at least three times

Finish this sentence: You'll never see me without… a Squeak scarf. What? I like what I do, why shouldn't I enjoy my own products?

If you are after bespoke scarves for events, shoulder bags or zip pouches- get in touch with us to collaborate with our designers on [email protected]


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