Collaboration With Merchants for Custom Incentive Gifts

The team at Country Culture prides themselves on being able to work closely with event companies in order to facilitate bespoke solutions for the challenging task of choosing the perfect event gift. We believe that by working directly with clients we can find a personable, authentic solution which benefits both the client and us.

Recently, we worked on an important project with ID Events Australia to provide them with handcrafted gift solutions for 500+ incentive guests at an event in Miami. Our brief was a small, lightweight, Australian made gift which had meaning behind it to demonstrate the level of care the company had for their guests. From our network of artisans, we reached out to Kim Wallace who worked collaboratively with us to create over 1000 bespoke bowls, each branded with Australian wildlife. These bowls were shipped to Miami, where along with the guests, they boarded a cruise that was destined for the Mediterranean as this year's incentive program.

These gifts acted as a representation of Australian culture, and are a small, practical memento which will can be used well after the event has finished to remind the guest of Australia

handmade australian ceramic bowls
a regional australian maker's workshop


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