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It's that time of the year where we love to show our business partners, employees customers and colleagues that they are appreciated. And being in the gifting business, we can guarantee that the gesture of giving a thoughtful, quality gift goes a long way. Time is a rare commodity so we want to reassure you that we have done all of the legwork and have a range of gifting options that will delight your recipients. At Country Culture, we're all about making things easier for you this year.

With grassroots in regional Australia, we work closely with Australian artisans to bring you high-quality and unique corporate gifts that will delight your recipients, leaving them feeling valued and appreciated. 

It can be highly stressful to organise gifts for companies, especially for large scale gifting events. Whether you are buying for your fellow staff members or for valued clients, the art of gift-giving can become a daunting one. There is so much to think about, should you include alcohol, do you need to make it unisex, could branding be an option? With so much to think about, this task can quickly become overwhelming.

If this sounds familiar, then never fear because we are here to help. We have put together a range of corporate gift options that might be just what you're looking for, we have Christmas-themed boxes, gifts for the homegourmet food boxes and some indigenous themed gift boxes as well. Whether you need Christmas gifts for your staff, congratulations gifts for clients that have just purchased their first home, or marketing gifts to reach out to prospective customers, we are certain we have something that will have you covered.  

We know that with gifting there is often a budget that needs to be stuck too so we have also ensured that these boxes are at a range of different price points.  Generally speaking, businesses spend between $55 to $250 on gifts, at the top end, this is aimed towards your most valuable clients with others trending lower. The junior level employees would be $55-$85.00, important clients and mid level employees $100-$115, Executives: $100-$150 and VIP's and valued clients or management $150-$250.

How Does It Work?

Every client we work with has different requests and our customer service team is happy to collaborate to come up with some great ideas. We recommend that you start with browsing our website for some inspiration here from our Christmas collection. Then email us at [email protected] with your thoughts. We will come back to you with more details and a proposal. We also design a custom card as a complimentary service for bulk order and have it printed ready to go. You can also have confidence that your gifts are going to look beautiful with our natural, eco-friendly gift boxes, our map of Australia tissue and our twine and card to finish it off. And then we handle all of the shipping and tracking. We like working with like-minded people, so get in touch!

We also offer a complimentary corporate gift consultation to discover your specific objectives and branding requirements. Thoughtful, memorable corporate gifts leave a wonderful impression. By connecting with your clients or employees on such a personal level, you'll build meaningful relationships - energising and strengthening your business connections and workplace culture.

We would love to help your company get the best out of gifting this year and make it a smooth and easy process. With the busy Christmas period coming up let us take the hassle out of it for you.


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