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How do you choose the right corporate gift?

How do you choose the right corporate gift?

February 04, 2024 | Corporate Gifting

Now that you have your budget sorted, how do you choose the right gift?

Firstly, choose gifts with value attributes. What are your company values, and how do they match up with the gift you're choosing? Examples of value attributes are: Australian made, sustainability, female owned, small regional business, indigenous artisans etc.

Secondly, think quality over quantity. Whatever items you choose, make sure the product has a story and try to make sure it's the best example of that product on the market. With gifting, we all expect an element of luxury that we don't ordinarily choose to buy in our own lives. That's where an element of surprise also comes in to it.

Thirdly, presentation matters. Make sure the presentation matches the quality of the gift. Unboxing is a major part of the experience!

And finally, keep it personal-make sure you add a handwritten note with a personal message so that the recipient appreciates the gesture.

 We have a team of gifting experts who can help you achieve your gifting goals. Get in touch at [email protected] or call 1800 867 158. We'd like to offer you a free consultation offer to book a personal call to discuss your unique corporate gifting needs. Let's chat!

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