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Powerful Relationship Building Tools in the Real Estate Industry

Settlement gifts are much more than a wonderfully thoughtful gesture to your clients, they create strong relationships and foster repeat business. Providing your clients with genuine appreciation is easy when you give them something unique to remember you by.

At Country Culture we know how important client loyalty & word of mouth referrals are in your industry, we're the same which is why it's also important to us that your clients are wowed by their gifts!

We love nothing more than delighting buyers and vendors with inspiring and custom curated settlement gift boxes. For businesses in the construction industry or real estate agents, settlement gifts really make an impression. We know the opportunity to delight clients with something extraordinary is just too good to miss.

Nurturing relationships with your clients encourages loyalty and word of mouth referrals. So, if you're wondering what to give as a settlement gift and how to make your corporate hampers personal, we have some valuable tips and tricks.

How can I make my business stand out?

Purchasing property is a very stressful and exciting time for the client, a small investment resulting as unexpected surprise from you can reap big rewards in the future.
Research has shown settlement gift boxes which celebrate their new home are always appreciated. We can help you curate your own gift boxes filled with items for their new home, celebratory drinks, delicious artisan foods and sweets. Study has shown a curated gift for an individual has a much larger impact than simply a gift card, flowers or plant.

How do I create the perfect Settlement Gift?

Make it personal! The best gifts are those that have taken time and consideration of the individual you are sending to. Create a gift that can be enjoyed, used and is tailed to their lifestyle.
A thoughtless gift is not going to leave a positive impression, so it's essential you create a gift which will leave the recipient feeling incredibly special.


Here are some of Country Cultures ideas on how to make your real estate or settlement gift extra special-

Make it personal

Not only do you want the recipient to receive a personal gift, you want to send something with your own personal logo.
Now we absolutely don't encourage cheap and nasty items which they will throw in the draw, never to be seen again!
We mean affordable luxury items which they will love using. Cheeseboards with a fine logo imprint, wine glasses stylishly etched with your logo or an elegant leather keyring embossed with your logo. Send something they would be happy to use! The idea isn't to scream your brand, it's to receive acknowledgment of their happiness with their new purchase.


Make it practical & special

The aim is to make your recipient feel special, the gift needs to be a little indulgent, practical, and also fit their needs. Purchasing a new home is a stressful time so receiving a gift which makes them feel self-gratitude for all their hard work, give a congratulatory gift that really makes them feel special.
Tastefully designed corporate branding for your real estate gift boxes is essential. If you would prefer not to brand an item for their home why not opt for a custom branded gift box, ribbon or branded wine bottle featuring your logo.

Support local

Supporting local is all about strengthening communities and working together. Sending a gift that supports local business makes the gift even more meaningful. Perhaps the client has purchased a new home in Bowral, we can source honey from the local bee keeper, a bottle of wine from the region or even a leather keyring made by a local.


You know your client

You've spent a lot of time talking with this client, you have created a relationship where you understand what their style and likes are. It's important to understand that gifting isn't ‘one size fits all'.
We can help you create a selection of gifts curated for different personal taste. We can agree on a collection of gifts you can choose from, to make the choice for each individual recipient extra special.
When possible – deliver it by hand
Your personal connection has been a vital part of your relationship, this client has trusted you with the purchase of their property. If you can, always make sure you hand deliver settlement gifts in person, the gift and knowing you have taken time out of your day to hand deliver will create lasting memories.

Nurture them with perfect timing

Everyone knows moving home is an exhausting exercise. By the end of the more the new homeowner is desperate to put their feet up and relax in a home filled with groceries, cool drinks and nibbles.
Imagine arriving at the end of their moving day will a gift box filled with a bottle of champagne, gourmet delights and items to stock the fridge and pantry! You will be a star!

Another wonderful idea is stocking their kitchen or bathroom with items they normally wouldn't treat themselves to, like luxury hand & dish wash with stylish chevron dishcloths (trust us the lady of the house will love you!) or beautiful pampering products. Perhaps the new home has a beautiful big bath, send a gift box filled with relaxation & pampering. It means they can soak in the bath, relax with great food, and raise a sparkling toast to their new life.

Let us guide you

If you're ready to leave a lasting impression with settlement gifts, contact us to curate your own bespoke gift boxes. From little luxuries to deluxe celebration hampers their whole family can share, we're sure you'll find the perfect choice.
We can handle all the planning and work for you, if you want sophisticated corporate branding adding, we can do it tastefully and minimally, then you just add your own personal message.

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