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Redefining Traditional Gifting - Is it a Meaningful Gift or Just Merchandise?

Redefining Traditional Gifting - Is it a Meaningful Gift or Just Merchandise?

February 29, 2024 | Corporate Gifting

Gifting, a long-standing human tradition, plays a crucial role in nurturing our relationships. In our personal lives, we understand the power of a thoughtful gift during life's important moments - it can bring cheer, show appreciation, and communicate commitment. This joy of gifting is not restricted to personal life but extends to the business world as well.

Corporate gifting, when done right, can have a profound impact. As noted by Ian Altman in Forbes, showing gratitude to clients through gifts is always a beneficial strategy. But the landscape of corporate gifting is evolving.

Many businesses opt for merchandise adorned with their company logo, such as key rings, notebooks, or mugs. While branded products serve a purpose, especially at events, they should not be mistaken for gifts. These items, referred to as 'merchandise,' primarily promote your brand.

John Ruhlim, author of "Giftology", cautions against considering these as gifts for the recipient. After all, such products are designed with your company's interests at heart, not necessarily your client's. Joey Coleman, a renowned speaker, humorously suggests that a logo on a meaningless gift helps identify the sender when it's retrieved from the trash.

Instead, thoughtful and meaningful gifts can leave a lasting impression. Imagine receiving a handcrafted share platter with an engaging backstory about its creation and origin. Such a gift, likely crafted by an artisan in Australia using recycled timber, holds more value than a mass-produced item with a logo.

Welcome to the new era of corporate gifting, where a tailored approach is key. This trend isn't confined to Australia; it's a global wave. Reflect on the gifts you've received in your career and their personal impact.

At Country Culture, we enjoy partnering with companies to create branded gifts. However, we recommend adding your logo on the packaging rather than the product, to make the gift unique and professional. Or creating a custom gift hamper with one hero branded product and a few other goodies tailored to your needs. Our team of gifting experts advises you on choosing the right gift that aligns with the recipient's tastes and delivers on time. We're here to make corporate gifting personal and impactful.

For a free consultation on your unique corporate gifting needs, get in touch with us at [email protected] or call us on 1800 867 158.

Let's create memorable gifting experiences together.



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