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A Chat with Zoe Wall from Crooked Creek

A Chat with Zoe Wall from Crooked Creek

I was lucky enough to meet up with Zoe Wall for a quick chat, while she was personally delivering her lovely biscuits to Country Culture. Zoe hales from a beautiful regional area of NSW, near Ourimbah. She founded Crooked Creek in 2000 and it soon became a most loved biscuit brand, all made by hand with care. Just to give you an insight into how much she cherishes her produce, Zoe prefers to hand deliver her goods to make sure everything arrives in the most pristine condition. 

I'm in awe of the makers we choose to partner with like Zoe, who have created thriving businesses based on passion. With Zoe's laser focus on creating quality biscuits, specifically made for small Australian businesses like ours, it's no wonder Crooked Creek biscuits have become one of our best sellers. Zoe continues to use the traditional methods and values of her grandmothers in her kitchen. 

Zoe shares the same values that we do at Country Culture. With her efforts to create a product of high quality and exceptional customer service, we love putting Crooked Creek biscuits in our gift-boxes and take pride in her product. With a cherished reputation, family tried and tested local ingredients, our Country Culture team looks no further than Crooked Creek biscuits in our gift boxes.

Tell me a bit about Crooked Creek.

Crooked Creek two months ago or so was completely cut off, because of flooding, it runs into the Ourimbah Creek which serves as drinking water. The Ourimbah water catchment is about an hour and a half north of Sydney and is bush, except for about three acres which are cleared. It was been cleared long ago so we have a lime grove, hence the lime in some of my bickies, so yeah that's where Crooked Creek is and that's where my puppies get to run free. 

Tell us about your cooking, how did that all start?

It started because of two beautiful grandmothers, maternal and paternal, one was just a natural savoury cook and my Nana Wall was the one who turned out scones for the women's institute, this is back in Somerset. I'm a farmer's daughter who grew up around an arger oven, cooking and baking and so I'm not trained except by my two grandmothers. 

Tell us about your famous top-notch cheese biscuits 

It's because of Nana Wall really that I started Crooked Creek cheese biscuits, it is her beloved recipe made from cheese because the farm is about ten minutes drive from Cheddar where cheddar cheese originated. 

Why do you like working with Country Culture?

Oh golly, because you're the quintessential type of customer I love. I started this twenty-plus years ago when I couldn't stand working in an office any longer in Sydney and I had seen in my teens the change in England whereby we were losing all the small independent shops. Unless there were suppliers who supply little shops, there was no point of difference and so that's why I love being a supplier to little businesses like yours. I won't get on my soapbox but that's why I like to have Crooked Creek. 

Take your savoury biscuit game to the next level and share these delightful treats with the whole family, and taste the hard work that Zoe puts into every batch. As you can see, we highly recommend Zoe's amazing cheese biscuits.


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