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A Woman On A Mission To Make Positive Change

A Woman On A Mission To Make Positive Change

Maya Muse Textiles is a Sydney based business that believes in creating meaningful and functional textiles for the home. Maya Queenan is the women behind the brand, starting Maya Muse Textiles back in 2010. After graduating with a Bachelors in design she went on to work for a furnishings company and then spent 5 years in London developing her passion for the textile industry with purpose and intention. Maya then moved back to Australia with a niggling feeling that she wanted to make positive change and contribute to reducing the impact of textiles on the environment on home soil.

Over the past 10 years Maya has seen her business grow while managing to have 2 kids along the way. With the support of her husband Warren she is able to balance both being a busy mum and a busy business women.

Maya's designs are inspired by Australian landscapes, botanicals, traditional textile techniques and mindful creations. They all start as drawings or paintings and once the soul of the pattern in on paper she then transfers it to her computer where she is able to duplicate the designs. She uses hand printing techniques and mixes her own dyes to create beautiful textile materials that able to be utilised within the home. Maya says that she loves working with the limitations of one colour screen printing, the first pull of the squeegee through the ink will never get old. There is something beautiful about simplicity and it is something that takes time. Maya has perfectly mastered the balance of simple and meaningful in every one of her designs. 

Maya Muse Textiles was built on the belief that there will always be a place for handmade. In a throw away society she seeks to fill peoples homes with quality pieces and hopes that her collections are for peoples everyday life. Through Maya's techniques she is able to create products with character and authenticity as well as help the environment. Every piece of fabric not used in the production process is salvaged and cut down into smaller products, minimising waste. She is committed to producing locally and supports a number of local businesses that work amongst her own. The relationships she has developed running Maya Muse Textiles is something she says is the most rewarding thing.

We love supporting Maya, so check our her great range on our website now. 





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