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Celebrating Good Coffee with Mecca

Celebrating Good Coffee with Mecca

Australia's booming coffee industry has very little access to transparency at the farm-to-cup level. There are a lot of questions unanswered and it takes businesses like Mecca Coffee to be able to answer them. 

Established in 2005 by Paul Geshos, Mecca Coffee started as just an outlet for great coffee but soon realised how limited their access was to finding out ground up where their beans were coming from. At this time in Australia coffee was more about the front end with the barista rather than the back end. So Paul set out to uncover answers to questions such as “who grew this coffee?”, “how much did they get paid?”, and “why does this lot taste so different to that one”. 

On Paul's journey to uncover things about an industry so big, he found stories of fair trade issues, crop disease, unsafe procedures and transportation nightmares. Mecca Coffee have since dedicated their time to asking how they can do better for our planet and for the people who deserve recognition for producing such good quality coffee.Paul believes that you can't access quality unless you seek it out. Now Paul has a supply chain with integrity and travels the world sourcing the right beans. Back in Australia, he and his team have mastered the highly skilled roasting process to create the perfect blends.

Mecca pride themselves on recognising all the effort and hard work that goes into the coffee industry's infrastructure and keeps in mind the many hands it takes to get the coffee in the cups that we drink. They take a holistic approach, value quality and sustainability. Just like Country Culture, they recognise a community behind a brand working together to create something special. 

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