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From A Web Developer To A Wooden Craftsman

From A Web Developer To A Wooden Craftsman

Robbie Sands is the owner and designer of Sands Made which is an Australian wooden workshop based in Melbourne Victoria. Robbie founded the business in 2010 after he left a fast paced career in multimedia and web design to pursue a more hands on profession.  He found himself craving the opportunity to create timeless objects that would last for years.  He returned to Melbourne and founded his company which specialises in functional timber tableware and kitchenware, all made by hand in Robbie's Northcote workshop. 

Robbie always loved making things, both physical and virtual, but his full-time role at the time was making interactive games, animations, websites and apps. He loved the fast paced environment and new ideas associated with digital technology, something that is not possible with carefully crafted objects.

Working on app development however Robbie discovered that his designs would disappear because of new updates or versions, he realised that that he wanted his designs to be timeless and something that people could treasure for years. 

Robbie's work is influenced by peoples kitchens, and dining rooms, and with Sands Made he wanted to create objects that will grow more beautiful and loved after years of use. His products are all sold in perfect condition, then it's up to the user to wear them in like a good pair of jeans. 

His designs usually come about out of necessity, such as when the handle on his coffee machine broke, he made a new one or his salt mill at home couldn't fit a full pack of Murray River Salt flakes so he hand-crafted a grinder which is big enough. Sands Made items are useful in everyday life for him so he is able to improve the function of each design before introducing it to the range.

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