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La Barre Olive Oil

La Barre Olive Oil

La Barre Olive Oil, Canberra District

La Barre olive grove in Billimari is passionately owned and operated by Charles de Nanteuil. Billimari grows the fruit that produces their sensational award winning extra virgin olive oil. Specially blended, their extra virgin olive oil is full of flavour with gentle hints of pepper and bitterness. 

La Barre Olives began 22 years ago by Charlie on his family farm of Hardwicke Stud outside of Yass amidst the Canberra region. Prior to olive production their primary business was a thoroughbred horse stud. However, during the mid 1990s they endeavored to find new ways to diversify their operation. Coincidentally at the time BRL Hardy was issuing contracts to local growers to put in grapes, with the belief that this would eventually be an over-saturated market they believed that olives would be a unique alternative as similarly to Italy where grapes grow as do olives

Charlie travelled to and spent time exploring Perugia, Italy where he looked to  master olive production under Professor Fontanazza at the CNR (Centre of National Research specialising in olive production). Armed with a small amount of information they planted their first trees at Hardwicke in 1998. Subsequently, they proceeded to  purchase a property specifically for the olives near Cowra in 2000. This was followed by their establishment of an olive processing plant in 2005 where the fruit from the two groves would be pressed into a decadent olive oil. Popular among local growers the plant now processes for an additional 60-70 customers each year.

Charlie has a passion for his production in Yass which is firmly classified as the Canberra Region. Located amidst undulating countryside 500+ metres above sea level and below the foothills of the Brindabellas, the region experiences cold winters followed by long hot summers. The oils we produce have a unique flavour intensity, classified as robust, peppery and bold.

La Barre Olives have catered to some of Canberra's finest restaurants, hotels, embassies and even Parliament House. Over the past two decades La Barre has been participating within the Canberra Region and have witnessed the development of an incredible food industry. With an explosion in the production of quality wines, spirits, condiments and cheeses La Barre is proud to be involved and able to deliver their premium EVOO.

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