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Meet Belinda Everingham from Bondi Wash

Meet Belinda Everingham from Bondi Wash

Belinda Everingham is the fabulous founder of Bondi Wash, which launched in 2013. She spent most of her life as a frustrated creative stuck in the corporate strategic consulting sector, after completing her economics study. Her creativity however was a large part of her childhood experience, with her mother being an artist. Belinda now has the best of both worlds and gets to combine her love for artistic expression with her background in economics to build a business that she truly has a passion for. 

Bondi Wash was born to provide natural alternatives to household and body products. They are all about combining the fragrance of unique Australian botanics with essential oils to harness natural anti-bacterial properties to effectively kill germs on the body, in the air and on surfaces. 

Like Country Culture Belinda's brand cares a lot about the environment. Bondi Wash knows the effect harmful chemicals have on the planet draining their way into the ocean. Once she started doing her research, Belinda became very aware of the damage that can be done to the environment and animals and hopes that with her brand she can raise awareness and do her part to encourage others to limit their use of these harmful products.

We were lucky enough to visit Belinda in her flagship Paddington showroom, and what a pleasure it was getting to discuss all things Bondi Wash. 

Tell us a little bit about your

Well, I was born in Melbourne and grew up in Canberra. I moved to Sydney in my twenties, spent a little bit of time in Boston and lived in Melbourne again. I have three grown-up kids, two dogs, and I live in Bondi. 

How did the brand Bondi Wash come about?

First of all I'm sensitive to chemicals so I was getting reactions to shampoo and was also getting an itchy scalp. But mostly I was using commercial spray on my kitchen benches and I got this really bad headache. This made me think that if this is doing that to me then what could it be doing to my children or the environment. I began buying natural cleaning brands from the supermarket and found that they didn't work very well or they didn't smell very good, so I thought there was an opportunity there. My youngest child had just started school and I was trying to think about what I wanted to do and while holidaying in Queensland I discovered all these Australian natives that I'd never heard of before. I started looking into them and wondered what we could extract out of them. That was the beginning, and I came back to Sydney and I found that these natives smelt good and had these wonderful properties and from there it happened quite quickly. 

What about the name Bondi Wash, how did it come about?

Okay so the name was really difficult, and it was a bit like choosing a baby's name but worse because people can criticise it. I wanted something that said Australia in a really modern way and I knew I couldn't use terms like eucalyptus because they were too much of a mouthful. I lived in Bondi at the time so there was an authenticity to where the products were created. I was driving down Bondi road one day and thought maybe Bondi Wash.

Do you have any new and exciting things coming up?

We have a whole face range, focusing on the wash a mist and a serum development. We also have extensions into our laundry range, such as a wrinkle release to help get wrinkles out of your clothes. We also have a very exciting collaboration with May Gibbs coming up, they approached us last year and it's such a beautiful match because May Gibbs celebrates Australian natives so all her imagery reflects the native plants.

Why do you choose to work with companies like Country Culture?

That's a great question because we are fussy about who we work with and we love that you celebrate the same things we do, the local, the made in Australia. There is a real integrity and authenticity to the products that you choose to sell. 

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