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Meet Natasha Malkov from Barkley Basics

Meet Natasha Malkov from Barkley Basics

We are so excited to introduce you to Natasha Malkov, the founder and creative director of Barkly Basics. She is the queen of the stylish sponge and swapped out her career as a ?molecular biologist be a product designer.

One day when Natasha was washing the dishes, she looked down at the bright yellow sponge in the sink and thought that a sponge with a bit more style must exist!

After researching the market, Natasha discovered that there wasn't a single design-driven sponge out there, so she set out to make the idea become a reality. From there, Barkley Basics was born.

The Barkly Basics range appreciates that less is more with its simple design and monochromatic colour scheme. Natalie wanted to design products that blend in with your kitchen rather than stand out. The products are practical and stylish

We can highly recommend this range and they're a wonderful addition to many of our gift boxes for the home. Check out Kitchen Essentials and New Kitchen here. 





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