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Perrymans Gingerbread

Perrymans Gingerbread

Perrymans Gingerbread

We had to search for a product that not only tasted delicious but also looked divine. So we looked no further than Perryman's Gingerbread which melt in your mouth. Originating in Germany these famous gingerbread treats are a sensational Christmas classic.

Diedrich Mahnke was the original Perrymans baker who set this story in motion back in the 1850s, followed by three generations of Perrymans. Their handwritten recipes are still used by current owners Kylie Schmidt and Conor McGuinness, who took over in 2011. The founders are now creating creating their Gingerbread Babies from a bakehouse in Brompton North Adelaide. A delicious little treat of spice and honey these babies are made in the kitchens of Perrymans home style bakery.

Their little corner-store bakery has cemented its place within the rich history of North Adelaide. Its little corner-shop vibe is popular among locals who can enjoy a premium coffee blend to perfectly complement their little ginger baby.

Churning out more that 12,000 babies everyday Perrymans fulfill our gingerbread needs all across Australia and are committed to quality. Produced in a nut-free environment they are safe and sensational for all those who want to enjoy.

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