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Sydney's Finest Garden Potter

Sydney's Finest Garden Potter

Katherine Mahoney is the owner and creator of Kathryn Mahoney Ceramics an online ceramics business born about creating traditional and timeless pieces.  

Katherine's love of pottery began when she one day visited her brother who is  also a potter, she was in awe at what surrounded her. The beautiful hand crafted pots, the technique of the wheel, and the firing kilns. She left that day, feeling inspired and as if she had found her place in the world.  Katherine begged for an apprenticeship, and soon began working at Cranbrook Station Pottery for Keith Harding, as a production thrower. 

It wasn't long before Katherine and her brother, Duncan, opened their own pottery studio, in Kent, England where they designed and produced a range of beautiful pottery for the home. Katherine then moved from Kent to Hong Kong, where her fascination for Asian ceramics became apparent. Whilst there, she began exhibiting one off pieces, gained an international reputation and began teaching at various institutions and museums.

Katherine made the move to Australia in the 90's, where tableware became her main occupation, whilst still continuing to  make one-off-wheel-thrown pieces. Katherines talents are now recognised by restaurants, designers, galleries, and individuals who she continues to create stunning pieces for.

You can now find Katherine tucked away at the bottom of a suburban Sydney garden creating pieces in her wooden cabin for everyone to enjoy. 

Katherine Mahoney's work is not only exquisite, but functional as well. Her elegant bowls can be displayed on mantelpieces, used as centrepieces on kitchen tables, or as a salad bowl. The owner of her beautiful pieces can become the creative, they are given the ability to make each piece unique in the way in which it is used. 

We are very lucky to be able to stock Katherines gorgeous pieces in our range, Check them out now on our website. 


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