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Vicky Brown and her mission to protect our bees.

Vicky Brown and her mission to protect our bees.

We live in a world where honey just appears on the shelves. However, after meeting Vicky today, we learned that this isn't the world that Vicky Brown lives in.  Vicky is the co founder of The Urban Beehive, a company that is passionate about bees and their honey, she houses hives all over the city of Sydney to create raw organic honey.  And Vicky believes we should all benefit from the nutrients and antioxidants that occurs in honey naturally.

Although Vicky doesn't keep any bees at her own home, she does wear bee jewellery, hangs bee posters, reads bee books and her house is full of bee ornaments, there is no doubt that Vicky is one passionate lady when it comes to bees. 

Vicky's love for bees began when she was travelling across Western Australia and camped near some beehives, the hives were sitting in a paddock across from where her tent was and she became very curious. She got home and learnt that Kangaroo Island is the world's oldest bee sanctuary, so that is where she went. In 1999, Vicky eagerly began working as a beekeeper. 

By 2010, Vicky started the Urban Beehive along with co-founder Doug Purdie to support bees to do their thing in an urban environment and create a honey that contained all the nutrient it should.  They now have hives across Sydney from Bondi to Marrickville and their love for bees has enabled them to teach courses and give talks to raise awareness about our earth's major pollinators decline. 

The Urban beehive honey changes with the seasons and is ethically and sustainably produced right on our door step. They don't use chemicals or feed the bees anything not sourced by the bees themselves which makes the honey entirely natural.  Unlike supermarket shelf honey which is produced by domestically bred bees, The Urban Beehive bees are captured feral in the wild to ensure the genetic lines are protected and the honey is pure. Their mission to protect local bee populations and raise awareness about the drastic decline means their product also holds the passion that both Vicky and Doug share.  

If you want to taste what our urban local bees can produce, head over to our Breakfast In Bed Gift Box or stay tuned for our fathers day boxes where the dads can get their hands on some seriously good honey. 



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