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Local Koala Bears Thriving

Local Koala Bears Thriving


I am fortunate to be based in rural Australia near Spring Ridge on the Liverpool Plains. Spring Ridge itself is a sleepy little village with about 200 people. Spring Ridge Public school is very small too, with about 30 children all up. When a new family comes to town, I must say there is great excitement!  We have two classes. The first junior primary composite class consists of  K, 1 and 2 grade children and the second upper primary composite class consists of 3,4,5 and 6 Upper Primary class. It is one awesome small school.

And something that has been causing great excitement are our local residents, a colony of koala bears. Yes, the koala bear population is thriving on The Liverpool Plains. We're spotting koalas on our properties, even walking across roads ( which can be hairy)!  But most  of all- the koalas are in the Spring Ridge school playground where there are lots of gum trees. In fact, parents and kids alike love to  spot which tree they have moved on to. Sometimes the gang disappears for a while, but they always seem come back. 

One of their favourite spots to relax is out is above the old tennis court where the kids make a racket ( nice pun hey??)  To be honest, the sound of the kids playing is extremely loud.  However, our koalas don't seem to mind that noise at all. When you walk into the school through the tennis court, there are koala droppings everywhere, which doesn't phase our country kids. And every now and again you might be lucky enough to see a koala bear walking across the school grounds. The kids are quite used to it now. 

I hope you all get to see koalas in your natural surroundings as well. They are very unique and pretty cute indeed!


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