Project Kindness & Country Culture Collaboration

Project Kindness & Country Culture Collaboration

Meet the beautiful Clementine Hartson, founder of Project Kindness. Clem is an inspiration to us at Country Culture headquarters. After Clementine worked hard to manage some mental health issues, she not only decided to be open and share her story, but she also decided to give back on a greater scale and started this wonderful initiative.

In a nutshell, Clementine and her team pride themselves on improving the quality of life of communities in need, by connecting the most vulnerable with kind hearted people to provide care and protection to those who need it, to help them to build better lives. 

Country Culture assisted Clementine in coming up with some family gift packs to share with their most vulnerable families as a Christmas surprise. We sourced a wide range of beautiful items from games to gourmet treats so that each member of the family had something to enjoy.

Project Kindness work hard in the community and achieve their goals by:

  • Collecting donations of food, clothes, homewares 
  • Collecting of monetary donations 
  • Spreading awareness of resources and information to vulnerable communities and connecting them to organisations who are able to provide regular ongoing support 
  • Spreading awareness to the general public in way that they can help the less fortunate 

Project kindness is a story of strength, determination and how coming together as a community can make a huge impact in the world. 

If you would like to support Clementine, please go to or follow Project Kindness on socials.




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