Welcome to our blog, "Rusty's Finds"!

Welcome to our blog, "Rusty's Finds"!

If you're wondering who Rusty is, he is our trusty, well-loved blue heeler who lives at home with my family. He represents all things adventurous and Australian so we couldn't resist using him in our logo when we launched Country Culture. Rusty loves finding all sorts of things on our property but can also mix it with city folk with his smart tie and cool glasses!  Rusty's attitude reflects the way I love to find new artisans, products and clients! Don't you love this photo of him showing such restraint!

 At Country Culture, our passion is curating beautiful Australian gifts for our wonderful, growing community. And of course our focus is to champion Australian designers and makers.  Back when I launched Country Culture in 2012, I didn't imagine it would grow into the business we have today. 

Country Culture has morphed into a business which not only provides every day design lovers with Australian gifts, but we work closely with many large national and international corporate businesses to supply them with the bespoke event gifts, client gifts, staff gifts, government gifts, VIP gifts and settlement gifts for the real estate industry. 

So have a browse and please get in touch if you need anything at all on [email protected]

Ange x





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