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Your Guide to Unforgettable Winter Gift Hampers

Your Guide to Unforgettable Winter Gift Hampers

May 27, 2024 | Gift Guides and Tips

As the winter chill begins to take hold, you might find yourself seeking the perfect gift to warm the hearts (and hands!) of your loved ones. It can be a daunting task. But don't worry, we at Country Culture have got you covered! We've carefully chosen a selection of our finest gift hampers, each one a comforting antidote to the cold.

These hampers are packed with a variety of items that are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. From cups and mugs, a variety of teas to suit any palate, honey for that touch of natural sweetness, comforting heat packs for those extra chilly days, and sweet treats to indulge in - we've thought of it all!

Now, let's take a closer look at our favourites, handpicked just for you:

1. Thinking of You Gift Hamper

The perfect way to show someone you're thinking about them, even from afar.

Thinking of you gift hamper

Let's dive into what makes this gift hamper so special!

Picture this, you're sitting in a cosy corner, lighting up the Camellia & White Musk Votive Candle from Twig. It's hand made and 100% natural, made with pure soy wax and essential oils. The cotton wick, dipped in beeswax, ensures a clean burn with no black soot. It's a little piece of Mt St Thomas, NSW right in your living room.

Next, you reach for the Traditional Shortbread Biscuits from Jen's. Oh, the buttery, golden goodness! They melt in your mouth and are perfect for a peaceful moment alone with a cup of tea. They're homemade style, straight from Torquay, VIC.

Speaking of tea, time to brew a cup of English Breakfast from Love Tea. This quality Ceylon tea, straight from the Uva province in Sri Lanka, is a joy to sip on, served black or with milk. It's a combination of mid and small-leaf tea that you can feel good about, as it's fairly traded with local growers in South Geelong, VIC.

Now, how about a touch of sweetness? Enter the Pure Honey with Bamboo Twirler from Wall's Honey Co. This locally produced honey from Nemingah, NSW is smooth, rich, and sweet. It's perfect to sweeten your tea or pour over your breakfast.

And the best part? You'll be sipping your tea from an elegant Charcoal Grey Imperfect Short Cup from Robert Gordon. This cup, sourced from Melbourne, VIC, turns your daily teatime into an elegant affair. And good news, it's a sustainable product made from natural minerals!

So, that's what's inside the Thinking of You Gift Hamper.

2. Tea & Treats Gift Hamper

For that friend who loves a good brew, this hamper is filled with a variety of teas and treats to enjoy alongside them.

Tea and Treats Gift Hamper

The "Tea & Treats Gift Box" is perfect for the friend who loves a good brew. It's filled with a variety of teas and treats to enjoy alongside them. Inside you'll find:

  • A Speckled White Hug Me Mug from Robert Gordon: A 400ml mug sourced from Melbourne, VIC, which is custom designed to be cupped in your hands, perfect for warming up with a cuppa.
  • Traditional Shortbread Biscuits from Jen's: A 300g pack sourced from Torquay, VIC, these homemade style biscuits melt in the mouth and are perfect for enjoying with a cup of tea.
  • Amour Jasmine Green Tea from XO Tea: A 75g pack sourced from Leederville, WA, this organic Mao Feng green tea is scented four times with wild jasmine flowers, imparting a fresh, floral, cleansing, and smooth taste.
  • A 12-Pack Chocolate Assortment from Chocilo: A 140g pack sourced from Melbourne, VIC, this assortment includes a blend of luscious milk, rich dark, and creamy white chocolates, along with an assortment of decadent truffles.

This thoughtfully curated box is sure to delight tea lovers and treat enthusiasts alike.

3. The Cosy Gift Hamper

Cosy Gift Hamper

This gift box is filled with items designed to make them feel cosy and warm. Inside the box, they’ll find:

  • A Navy Robe (Medium) from Gingerlilly, sourced from Hotham Hill, VIC. This robe is crafted from luxuriously soft fabric with a chic ribbed texture, making it perfect for a cozy night on the couch.
  • A Camellia & White Musk Candle from Twig, sourced from Mt St Thomas, NSW. This handmade votive candle is made with 100% pure soy wax, fragrance oils, and essential oils. It burns cleanly, creating no black soot or smoke.
  • A Rose Botanical Bath Soak from Nina Bailey, sourced from Perth, WA. This bath soak is designed to detox and nourish the body, reduce inflammation and stress, enhance your mood, and soothe sore muscles.

4. Slow Living Gift Hamper

For those who appreciate the slower things in life, this hamper is perfect.

Slow Living Gift Hamper

If you know someone who savours the quieter, slower moments in life, our Slow Living Gift Hamper ($130.00) would be the perfect gift for them.

Imagine your loved one unwrapping this hamper and finding "Wild Life," a hardcover book by Anna Carlile. This isn't just any book; it's an invitation for them to disconnect from the daily grind and reconnect with the wilderness and their wild side.

Now, picture them enjoying a warm, comforting cup of "GET ON UP Pineapple and Cinnamon" tea from MOOD Tea. With each sip, they'll appreciate not just the taste but also the fact that the tea bags are biodegradable and home-compostable, reflecting their love for the planet.

The tea isn't the only thing they'll love. They'll be holding it in a Huskee reusable keep cup, a statement of their commitment to sustainability and a testament to their love for our planet.

For those moments when they need a little stress relief, they'll find the Salus Organic Lavender and Jasmine Heat Pillow incredibly soothing. All they need to do is heat it up, place it on their tired muscles, and let the calming aroma of lavender and jasmine wash over them.

And for when they want to jot down their thoughts, dreams, or daily reflections, there's the Olive Green A5 Notebook from Notely. It's the perfect companion for their thoughts and a beautiful addition to their sustainable lifestyle.

In essence, this hamper isn't just a gift; it's a token of love, thoughtfully curated to match their slow-living lifestyle.

5. Artisan Sweet Treats Gift Hamper

Sweet tooth anyone? This hamper is filled with a selection of artisan sweets.

Artisan Sweet Treats

Let's unwrap the Artisan Sweet Treats Hamper!

First up, we have the Traditional Shortbread Biscuits from Jen's, sourced from Torquay, VIC. These homemade style biscuits are buttery, golden delights that melt right in your mouth. Perfect for a peaceful moment alone with a cup of tea.

Next, we have the Australian Blue Gum Honey Nougat from Rinaldi, located in Seaford, SA. This nougat is sensational! It melts in your mouth, thanks to the Rinaldi family who brought their traditional Italian techniques and recipes to Australia. They chose the finest local ingredients, including blue gum honey and macadamias from the Central West, to create this unique Australian nougat.

Then there's the Almond & Sea Salt Chocolate from Bahen & Co in Margaret River, WA. They blend the finest almonds, slow-roasted with farm-grown olive oil, and finish it with hand-harvested sea salt. The chocolate beans are sourced from a volcanic valley in Papua New Guinea, and the whole process happens on their family farm. Plus, the designer patterned wrap is absolutely gorgeous!

We also have Honey Crunch Rocks from Whisk & Pin, crafted in Katoomba, NSW. Handcrafted in the Blue Mountains and covered in bittersweet Belgian chocolate, these crunchy, sweet rocks are a delight for any chocolate lover!

Lastly, we have Traditional Anzac Biscuits from Jen's in Torquay, VIC. These crispy, golden biscuits are a delightful fusion of tradition and taste. Whether you want to share the love and nostalgia of Anzac biscuits with a loved one or indulge solo, these are a sure hit.

So, that's what's inside the Artisan Sweet Treats Hamper - a curated collection of artisan sweets from around Australia, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth or gifting to a loved one.

Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, we hope you'll find just what you're looking for in our winter gift hampers.
You give joy, we give back - Every purchase donates a meal to someone in need via OzHarvest.

Happy shopping!

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